Top 5 Valentine's Day Gifts

It may not be everyones favourite day, but who doesn't like an unexpected gift!

Some gift ideas for This Valentine's Day

1. Doyle Design hand made jewellery 


These delicate drop earrings are made in sterling silver and feature a contrasting scratched and polished finish effect. 100% Silver made here in Dublin by Barry Doyle. €85

2. Wool Slippers €25

100% Merino wool slippers , warm and cosy.

3. Inis a unisex frangrance in a range of sizes €35-€100

4. Donegal Wax Candles the perfect gift for a romantic evening, this scent is incredible €20


5.  Hanna Hats

All made in Donegal using Donegal Tweed €75 suitable for men and women


Use GOWILD for a 20% discount site wide on









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