#DesignerSpotlight - Magee 1886

We're back again today with the second installment of our latest blog series, #designerspotlight. 

In these difficult and uncertain times, we wanted to dedicate some space on our brand new website to share with you the background and origin stories of some of our most loved suppliers. 

This week we're chatting all about the famed traditional Irish brand, Magee 1886. 

Founded in Donegal in 1886 by John Magee, the business bought and sold handwoven Donegal tweed. 

Experiencing great success over the next number of years, the brand passed hands to businessman Robert Temple and continued to grow and expand. 

Overcoming many challenges such as the First and Second World War, Magee 1886 went from strength to strength and were even responsible for designing and weaving the green tweed for the first Aerlingus uniforms. 

Fast-forward to 2020 and Magge 1886 is celebrating 154 years in business. 

The Donegal Shop has been a proud stockist of their clothing for both men and women for many years now and hopes to continue to introduce our customers to this fabulous heritage brand for many years to come. 

Check out some of our top picks from the brand over on our website today. 







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