We have stocked John Hanly & Co's product since we opened in 1995, their quality and style has always been of the higest standard, they weave beautiful blankets and scarves using a wealth of fabrics from lambs wool to Merino Wool mixing it up with Cashmere's. All made in their factory in Tipperary.

Originally Set up in 1893 by Denis Hanly and his son John when they converted a disused Flour mill into a weaving mill powered by the nearby Nenagh River in Ballytella County Tipperary, and began spinning anf weaving wool from local farmer's fleeces.

In 1938 The traditional water mill wheel was replaced by a new water turbine. The same water turbine is still working and produces electricity from the Nenagh river, providing a sustainable source of power.

The business survived through World War II despite the world shortest on raw material. 

 In the 1960's John Hanly + Co. Ltd were the first woollen weaver to replace the traditional shuttle loom with the more modern rapier loom

Over a period of a few years all shuttle looms were replaced by these rapier looms which produced fabric more efficiently and with better quality.

This is Brian Hanly , the fourth generation Hanly who has steered his family business into the future with an innovative online presence as well as maintaining the Companies high standard pf premium quality Fabrics and modern designs.

One of our favourite Hanly products is the Merino Wool Cashmere Blanket it's luxurious and cosy, extremely warm and a real comforter.

One of the most popular items in store for us is the Brushed Merino Wool Scarf 

A Hug in  Rug. What a gorgeous idea , for the month of February we will give a free "Hug in a Rug" , a lovely fabric branded bag from Hanly to carry your blanket to the beach or for a picnic, a great Valentines gift for the family!

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