#DesignerSpotlight - Aran Woollen Mills

At the Dongeal Shop we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be able to work with some of the best homegrown Irish designers in the business. Stocking beautiful, traditional, Irish made pieces has always been a point of pride for us and continues to be today. 

In our new #DesignerSpotlight series, we've decided to highlight some of our incredible suppliers and the history and backgrounds of their brands. 

For our first installment, we take great pleasure to introduce, Aran Woollen Mills. 

Founded in 1965, this family-run business supplies a truly magnificent collection of men's, women's and children's knitwear, in addition to a selection of homewares and accessories. 

With roots in the town of Westport in County Mayo, what makes the brands' pieces truly unique is their dogged pursuit of capturing the beauty of their surroundings in the west in all their pieces. 

"Whether inspired by our surroundings or equally our knitting heritage, every stitch is steeped in symbolism, from the fisherman’s cable (representing safety and good luck) to the honeycomb (a just reward for hard work)," said the brand when describing their striking knitwear. 

Here at the Dongeal Shop, we take great pleasure in stocking knitwear from Aran Woollen Mills, sharing their determination to educate future generations of the symbolism behind the Aran knit jumper and how it has become synonymous with Irish heritage and culture. 


Make sure to check out the link above to find out more about Aran Woollen Mills and how you can support a homegrown Irish company. 

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