Aran Sweaters in Dublin City Centre

Photo credit Aran Woollen Mills 


It's the Classic Aran Sweater, synonymous with the Aran Islands where it's origins have laid since the turn of the nineteenth century.

Also known as the Fisherman's sweater, hardy fisherman would wear them whilst out at sea. It is said that each family had it's own distinct pattern unique to them so if they were drowned at sea (few could swim) they could be recognised by their jumper, although this theory has been challenged over time.

Traditionally the Classic Aran was made using Irish pure new wool where the oil  was left in the yarn; this made it quite water resistant if not water proof.

One of our best selling Arans since the 1990's, people will always come in and ask for an Irish wool sweater. More recently manufacturers have moved to using Merino Wool to make Aran Sweaters which is softer to the touch but originates from New Zealand and Australia. 

Photo credit Courtney Sharpe

It's also a unisex sweater worn by both men and women, of all ages across the board.

With festival season in full swing we will be adding a couple to our trolley for #alltogethernow next month!


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