Aran Sweater Mania Strikes The Silver Screen

We love our Aran sweaters here in Ireland. It’s a treasured piece of the wardrobe that perhaps you invested in, or maybe, it was handed down to you from a relative that knew the value of having a well-made Aran knit.

Either way, there’s no need to tell us how versatile and eye-catching the Aran sweater can be.

Hollywood however? Well, that’s a different story.

Since donning a traditional Aran in his latest film, Knives Out, the golden boy of film Chris Evans as ensured that our beloved jumper went viral, with thousands of people re-sharing tweets of the heartthrob wearing his.

Labeled as this year’s ultimate gift for guys (and gals! who says the boys get all the fun), the official twitter account of the film even held a competition to give away 100 of our favorite knits to fans worldwide!

We’ve chosen two of our favourite Aran jumpers below that anyone hoping to mimic Chris Evan’s Hollywood style needs in their wardrobe, pronto!

Ladies Aran Knit


Men's Aran Knit


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