#1 Goat's Milk, Seaweed & Sea Salt

Offaly goat's milk with west Cork sea salt Galway seaweed and Irish spring water Our soap is free from Parabens, free from SLS and SLES and contain no Artificial Fragrances.

At Clarke’s of Dublin, we have 100% control over what ingredients go into our soap as well as 100% control over the process we use to make it. Each bar takes 6 weeks to cure, ensuring a good neutral PH. Olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax are carefully sourced, weighed and heated gently. We then add essential oils, herbs, botanicals and Irish spring water. Our soaps are super-softening. We add extra oils, which are left unchanged by the soap curing process and give extra nourishment to skin. After the soap blend hardens, it is cut by hand and then left to cure. When a final quality inspection is complete, our soap is ready for use.

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